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Some beautiful photo's of the Holy places of Chitrakoot
where Rama and Sita stayed for 11 years
Vahini-Gallery: Rama - Hall 2 


This Book by N.Kasturi
The Inner Meaning by Sathya Sai Baba

Chapter 1: Rama - Prince and Principle

Chapter 2: The Imperial Line

Chapter 3: No Progeny from His Loins

Chapter 4: The Sons

Chapter 5: The Guru and the Pupils

Chapter 6a: The Call and the First Victory 
Chapter 6b: The Call and the First Victory

Chapter 7a: Winning Sita
Chapter 7b: Winning Sita
Chapter 7c: Winning Sita
Chapter 7d: Winning Sita

Chapter 8: Another Challenge

Chapter 9: Preparations for the Coronation

Chapter 10a: The Two Boons
Chapter 10b: The Two Boons

Chapter 11a: Lakshmana - Too
Chapter 11b: Lakshmana - Too

Chapter 12: Sita Insists and Wins

Chapter 13: Entering into Exile

Chapter 14: Into the Forest

Chapter 15: Among Hermitages

Chapter 16a: Gloom over Ayodhya
Chapter 16b: Gloom over Ayodhya

Chapter 17a: The Brothers Meet
Chapter 17b: The Brothers Meet
Chapter 17c: The Brothers Meet

Chapter 18: Sandals Enthroned

Ramakatha Rasavahini Part 2


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In the S'rîmad Bhâgavatam (Bhâgavata Purâna), "The Story of the Fortunate One" by Krishna Dvaipâyana Vyâsa, the story of  Râma, Sîtâ and associates, has been described in i.e.:
* Canto 1: [CREATION]
Chapter 3: Krishna is the Source of all Incarnations, verse 22.  
Chapter 17: The Descent of the River Ganges
Chapter 19: The prayers of Hanumân and Nârada and the glories of Bhârata-varsha.
Chapter 1: The Supreme Lord Is Equal to Everyone.
* Canto 7: [THE SCIENCE OF GOD] Chapter 10: About Prahlâda, the Best Among the Exalted Devotees and the Fall of Tripura. verses 36&37.
* Canto 7: [THE SCIENCE OF GOD]:
Chapter 14: The Supreme of the Householders Life, verses 30-33.
* Canto 8: [Withdrawal of the Cosmic Creations]: Chapter 6: The Suras and Asuras Declare a Truce. (RRV7b)
* Canto 9: [LIBERATION]
Chapter 10 "The Pastimes of Lord Râmacandra".
* Canto 9: [LIBERATION] Chapter 11 "
Lord Râmacandra Rules the World".
* Canto 9: [LIBERATION] Chapter 12 "
The Dynasty of Kusa, the Son of Lord Râmacandra". (RRV13b)
* Canto 9: [LIBERATION] Chapter 15 "
Parasurâma, the Lord's Warrior Incarnation". (RRV8)  



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