Chapter 5:
The Yoga of  Work in Detachment:
About the reality of detachment.

Shlokas 2 to 7.


shloka 2

srî bhagavân uvâca
sannyâsah karma-yogas ca
nihsreyasa-karâv ubhau
tayos tu karma-sannyâsât
karma-yogo visisyate

shloka 3

jneyah sa nitya-sannyâsî
yo na dvesti na kânksati
nirdvandvo hi mahâ-bâho
sukham bandhât pramucyate

shloka 4

sânkhya-yogau prthag bâlâh
pravadanti na panditâh
ekam apy âsthitah samyag
ubhayor vindate phalam

shloka 5

yat sânkhyaih prâpyate sthânam
tad yogair api gamyate
ekam sânkhyam ca yogam ca
yah pasyati sa pasyati

shloka 6

sannyâsas tu mahâ-bâho
duhkham âptum ayogatah
yoga-yukto munir brahma
na cirenâdhigacchati

shloka 7

yoga-yukto visuddhâtmâ
vijitâtmâ jitendriyah
kurvann api na lipyate







Chapter 5:
The Yoga of Work in Detachment:
About the reality of detachment.

Verses 2 to 7

Text 2

The Supreme Lord replied: 'Renouncing [the fruits] and also action in yoga lead both to the path of liberation, but compared to the renunciation of fruitive labor, the action in yoga is the better of the two.

Text 3

He should always be known as a renouncing one who never likes or dislikes and who is free from the duality, as certainly, o mighty armed one, he is happy who is liberated from being bound that way.

Text 4

The less intelligent see the analytic and the work of yoga as different, but not so the learned ones. Situated in either one of them one will enjoy the complete of the result of both.

Text 5

He who places what one achieves by analysis at the same level as what one achieves by work done in yoga and thus sees study and selfless action as one, he actually sees it as it is.

Text 6

But, renunciation, o mighty armed one, will afflict one with distress if one is without devotion, while a thinker united in selfless action reaches the Supreme without delay.

Text 7

Connected in yoga a purified soul, who is self controlled and has mastered his senses, is in compassion with all living beings and although engaged in action he is never affected.

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