All the Photo's of Bhagavân Srî Sathya Sai Baba


Part IV - Love on the March

She [Easwaramma] was happy and in good spirits till the last. When I [N. Kasturi] paid my respects to her the previous night, I had found her surrounded by children. She was then narrating stories about Puranic heroes, and the children kept insisting for one more story before they unwillingly crept into bed.. 


Easwaramma, Swami's Mother, anoints His head, 
on His birthday (year unknown)



The birthday celebrations followed in November. Bhagavan conferred valuable boons on the thousands who had gathered at Prasanthi Nilayam - the divine darsan, the revitalizing smile of recognition and compassion, the gift of sweets from His own hand and, more than all, the message of the atman to be enshrined in the heart.


Baba explained:

"This is the wooden cross on which Jesus was crucified; this is the correct image of Jesus on the cross,"
Reference to White Man's Burden for this story by Hislop).


Rural pipes and drums led the line. Sai Geetha followed in regal splendor, and the cows, with their attendant seva dal members, came next. Calves, frisking, jumping and butting, were held in check by the college students, while the immovable buffaloes stood and stared until they were pushed and pulled forward. Students of the women's college and others from Prasanthi Nilayam followed behind, singing bhajans. Sai Krishna was also there, with devotees singing around Him in joy.


Large numbers of christians from the east and the west come to spend Christmas and New Year in the immediate presence of Bhagavan for, as they have found, this is the only place where "peace on earth and goodwill among men" can be experienced.   



He explained:

"It is the symbol of emergence of the five primordial elements," He clarified. "The Lingam is the essence of all attributes and names. It is the formless with form, the nameless with name, the primal emergent from the Divine." 


... that each seva dal member should always carry with him a mini first-aid box so that he could serve people more often, Baba modified the contents of the box, saying, "Carry in it a few tablets of discrimination and detachment, an ounce or two of sense-control, a packet of love and a bandage strip of fortitude. Only then can you effectively render first aid to people suffering from a stroke of ego or a bout of greed, a jaundiced vision or an allergy to serving others."



Baba also revealed that Jesus' actual name assigned to Him by His parents was Isa. And Isa, when constantly repeated, echoes Sai! Both words mean Iswara (God). Baba said, 

"In the Tibetan monastery where Jesus spent many years, His name is recorded as Isa, which means 'Lord of all living beings.' "

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