All the Photo's of Bhagavân Srî Sathya Sai Baba


Below some older pictures of buildings with/and statues,
founded by Bhagavân S'rî Sathya Sai Baba.

Inside the Mandir:

[pictures of Shirdi Sai Baba and Sathya Sai Baba;
in the middle the statues of Râma, Sita, Lakshmana
and Hanuman] 


The Sarva Dharma Symbol:

Sarva: All, every
Dharma: Right action, truth in action, righteousness, morality, virtue, duty, the dictates of God, code of conduct.
Aikya: Oneness with God, union of the individual soul  with God.
Prema: Divine or supreme Love 


Sai Baba's Ashram - Prasanthi Nilayam:
'Abode of Eternal Peace'.
Statue of Ganesha in front of the Mandir. 


University Administration Building 


S'rî Sathya Sai Primary and Secondary school in the foreground,
with the University complex on the hill.


'Trayee - Brindavan' at Bangalore.
Bhagavân's current residence, is a lotus-shaped
structure built in 1984. 


'Easwaramma High School'



S'rî Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School 



S'rî Sathya Sai Space Theatre.
Planetarium: The Spitz Space Systems - 512 planetarium instrument
employed in the theatre, provides a star field of 4054 images,
including 88 recognised constellations and 57 navigational
stars, besides globular and open clusters, milky way, 
magellanic clouds and nebulae. With a computer control and 
over 30 special effect projectors, almost any celestial or
 meteorological observation can be reproduced on the sky indoors.
The tilted dome (hyposphere), a new innovation 
in planetarium projection,
permits unidirectional viewing (e.g. cinema hall) like any
other theatre. The viewers see events in the same direction
as they are sitting and at the same level of their eyes.
Thus they become participants in the programme. 
The theatre van be used as a classroom as well.



S'rî Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning



S'rî Sathya Sai Museum of Religions of the World


The Music College


The village of Puttaparthi


The area, surroundings of Puttaparthi



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