All the Photo's of Bhagavân Srî Sathya Sai Baba


Part IV - Between You and Me

It has become well-nigh impossible to keep pace with the ever-expanding manifoldness of the manifestation of divinity that is Sai. That almighty Love overwhelms us into blissful silence; the all-encompassing power makes us aware of our inadequacies. Nevertheless, the divinity in us draws us to Him, even while He seeks us, the straying as well as the steady one, to keep us in His cosy custody. 


Part IV - In Confidence

In the pages of Part I of this series, I (N. Kasturi) have mentioned that even as a child of five summers, He had earned the epithets, 'Guru' and 'Brahmajnani', because He corrected and counselled the children who gathered around Him as playmates, and because His conversation and conduct were on a level of consciousness higher than even the adults who sought to guide Him.


Baba explained:

"Rama sat at the feet of Vasishta and attended class with other boys [See Ramakatha Rasavahini, Ch. 5]. Krishna, too, had Sandeepa as his guru, [see Bhagavatha Vahini Ch. 41] while Sudama and others were his classmates. When the formless, attributeless Divine Principle takes human form and appears among men, It has to conduct Itself as an agreeable companion and as an understandable example to contemporaries."


[N. Kasturi:] I myself visited Uravakonda a year and a half ago. There I walked along the long, broad verandas of the high school, hallowed by His footprints. I spent some times in the room which was once His classroom and sat on the same desk that had been used by Him as student - a bench-cum-writing desk, with a makeshift shelf underneath the incline of the top. Three pupils could sit on each bench with their books in the bottom shelf. I sat on the bench and imagined little Baba seated next to me!


There was a rocking chair in the house, upon which Baba sat one evening. When His brother's brother-in-law saw Him rocking Himself in the chair, he was very incensed and remarked, "Who gave you permission to sit on that precious chair and rock back and forth like a Maharaja! Get up and go out of here." Baba replied, "The day is coming when I will be a Maharaja sitting on a silver chair. You will live to see the day."



"I stopped the jeep at this place, for it is a mother, whose three small cubs are at this very time loudly wailing and calling out to her, that you are carrying. Go back! Recover those cubs and gift them to some zoo where they will be well looked after. And do not shoot wild beasts again, for they have caused you no harm. Why do you kill them, surround them and lay traps to catch them. Shoot them instead with a more superior weapon, your camera. That won't maim or kill them." 



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