Publisher's Note

Sathyam Sivam Sundaram is a continuation of the life story of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Absolute Divinity wearing the robes of humanity in order to inspire and goad humanity towards Divinity. His image will vividly gleam in the pure hearts of seekers of truth till eternity. The view of wisdom is always available to the lovers of wisdom. It is, however, fashionable to disbelieve anything which is beyond the scope of verification of the physical sciences which deal with the external aspects of creation. Although the Unmanifested, like the Manifested, is verifiable by methods which transcend science; and for this very reason the spiritual means and ends are considered worthless by the sceptics for practical purposes. Divinity, however, can be indirectly (intellectually) comprehended and also can be directly apprehended (experienced) by those who wish to uncover the Real from the smoke-screen of Maya which either veils the Real or projects upon the unreal an appearance of the Real. A conclusive proof, if it be needed, pertaining to the validity of the philosophy of Vedanta, is found in the glistening and golden history of the present Incarnation. In order to experience His Divinity all you are called upon to do is to surrender, not your belongings, but your ego. Implement His directions implicitly to experience Bliss explicitly.

The tyranny of the body-mind complex revolves man around the world of relativity. The highest pinnacle of achievement can be reached either by merging individuality in universality or by burning the ego-sense in the fire of illumination. The imagined
i is in fact nothing apart from the real I. Therefore when the imagined i is not imagined: then what remains is a witness witnessing the witness - the pure consciousness - Light unto Light.

Publisher's note.
(A direct reprinting of the text as written and printed in India)

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Written by N. Kasturi M.A., B.L.