The Call - The Response


Baba addresses the vast assemblies that gather to listen to His Discourses, "Divyathma-swarupulara"! - "Ye, Divine Atmic Realities"! He sees all as Himself; He calls upon all to see Him as themselves. This identity is the Truth, but, we revel in the delusion of separateness and suffer. Baba is Love, Wisdom, Power, Grace. So, He is able to declare, "The world is My mansion; even those who deny Me are Mine; call Me by any Name, I shall respond; picture Me in any Form, I shall present Myself before you." "I am in the least of you, as much as in the best; do not slander or injure anyone, for, you are slandering and injuring Me who is in him." Such is the universality of His Majesty and His Love. 

It is that Love which prompts Him to invite us to approach, examine, experience, judge and then, accept Him. Lord Krishna, too, after teaching Arjuna the Gita, said, "Now that you have heard all, revolve this in your mind and do as you desire"! (*) Baba has no anger in His composition, no trace of fear or fanaticism. We are all His reflections; He recognises us as such, though we have not yet become aware of it. How can He then give us up? He sees mankind as a massive caravan on the pilgrim road across the desert wastes - some straying away where mirages attract, some searching for oases, some listening to the voices of those who have seen the goal. When Baba, at the age of 14 cast away His satchel of school books and stepped on to the road with the words, "I am no longer yours, My devotees are calling Me, I have My work to do", [see: The Serpent Hill] the caravan was about to destroy itself in the arid region of simoomridden science and die of thirst deprived of the waters of brotherly Love. 

There is in every river, Baba says, the urge to return to the sea from which it was born. Rising as vapour into the sky, rolling across it as cloud, falling as rain upon the earth, flowing along the bed it scours, it keeps that urge in mind; the urge ushers it forward over every obstacle until it reaches the sea; so, too, all men in all lands call out in all languages for God, from whom they have come, so that, He may give a sign, an echoing call to lead them along the quickest, the safest path to Him. 

Baba hears that call. He gives the sign, the echoing call. "My devotees are calling Me; I have My work to do", He said. "All men are Mine; the World is My Mansion", He says. "I have no Name I can specify as My very Own". He has come to guide all mankind. When some one wrote to Baba, "I am happy that Your name is adored in every home here", Baba replied, "You will soon see that It is adored in every inch of space all over the World." Yes. That is the Meaning, the Purpose, the Mission, the Consummation. 

The World Conference of Sevaks and Sadhaks of the Sathya Sai Organisations and Groups will inaugurate that Golden Era of Universal Love.

(*) Bhagavad Gîtâ of Order; Chapter 18b, verse 72. 



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Written by N. Kasturi M.A., B.L.