All the Photo's of Bhagavân Srî Sathya Sai Baba


Part III - Filling the Emptyness

"Embodiments of Love, cultivate love undimmed by selfish motives, and live up to your name and heritage. Learn the international language of the heart, and spell it out in action. Your neighbors too pray to the same God in anguish, for favours. They may be speaking in different languages, their pose at the hour of worship may vary as well; but their physical needs are the same as yours, and they are satisfied by the same type of food and drink. Try and sympathize with them when they are in great difficulty and feel happy when they are joyous. Share their joy; sharing transforms joy into bliss - Ananda. Let your love expand towards entire creation. Stagnant water becomes foul; so, let in flow. Love is joy, love is power, love is light, love is God."


"There is nothing I desire for myself; I strive, I desire, I work, only for ensuring and developing the welfare of humanity."


Part III - So kind! So Kind!

"Prema, Love is My distinctive mark, not the creation of material objects, or the granting of health and happiness by exercise of Will. You consider what you label 'Miracles' as the sign of the Divine. But, the Prema that welcomes you all, that rushes Me to the presence of those who seek God, of those who suffer from handicaps on the pilgrim route, where they are, is the real Sign, fill every act with Love. Let no one suffer the slightest pain, as a result of your thought, word or deed. Let this be your Sadhana, for, you are all; you injure yourself when you injure another. You are Sai and all others too are Sai. How can the hand pluck out the eye of the body to which it belongs? I have come to light the Lamp of Love in your hearts so that you can, with that Light, see Sai in everyone."


Part III - The Miraculous Appendix

"The other day, a serious illness came upon this body in Goa. Many who are devoted to Me were plunged into anxiety and despair when they learnt of it. Illness can never afflict this Body. It cannot even approach it! If it should come sometime - believe this - it belongs to someone; not Myself. And it goes just as it came, of My free Will. I have no contact with it; I am not affected by it." 


Part III - Live in Love

'Come with empty hands and carry away My Love'


The real Sadhana, according to Baba, is to rake up the field of our heart and to cultivate in it the most valuable crop we can. The heart is the field, and in that field we have overgrown valueless weeds. Keep waters of love for the seeds. Then plough it with Sadhana. Those seeds will grow up and give us the crop of Jnana



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