All the Photo's of Bhagavân Srî Sathya Sai Baba


Part III - The Shirdi Feet

Baba said, "Why My Feet? This day, I have installed here the Old Baba. I shall give you the Feet of the Old Baba Himself!"... and, then He stood on the silk cloth. When He stepped aside, the impression left was not of the slender, soft, rather teenage Feet of Baba, but, the long heavy ponderous Feet that walked the lanes of Shirdi, 32 years ago!


'It is good to be born in a church, but it is not good to die in it,' He declared. "One must travel beyond the limits set by mind and reason and reach the boundless expanse of the Absolute and the Eternal Atma," He advises.


"He is in you as power, strength, love, happiness, enthusiasm, passion and compassion. Go into the deeper esoteric meaning of all the parables and metaphors. Brindavan is the jungle of Life; individual beings are the 'go', the cattle He tended, Go-kula is the herd of Jivis, Krishna is the Divine Principle that shines in every being, craving for the purity that is churned in the full of good thoughts and feelings. He guides and goads, He blesses and showers benedictions."


Part III - Delta of Delight

'Brightness in the face, splendor in the eye, a determined look,
a noble gaze, pleasant voice, open-hearted charity,
unwavering goodness: these are the signs of a progressing will 
to attain the vision of God.'


Part III - The All, in All

"You complain that God is hardhearted; that He does not respond to prayer, or give signs from His portraits, or speak from 'nowhere' to assuage or assure; but let Me tell you, God is Love, Love is God. When there is no response you have to infer that the cry from your heart is insincere, it is mere play-acting. It is set to a pattern, addressed to someone alien to you, someone accepted by you as a far away tyrant or a taskmaster. Know that God is your nearest and dearest kin."


Part III - Unearthing the Light

He heaped the soft sand to the height of a cubit in front of Him, putting us all into a state of extreme expectancy. He flattened the heap and drew on it with His finger a three-slanted line. He drew a rough circle on top; he added a small triangle over it. He drew a short line across a circle. "It is ready," He said, wiping the sand from His palms. We were unable to guess what exactly was ready, though the line must have been for the "Thri-bhangi body," the circle the head; the small triangle, the peacock feather and the line across, the Flute! 'It is ready,' He said and digging His hands deep into the pile, He drew forth a bright golden image about 15 inches high of Lord Krishna playing the flute, the very acme of the goldsmith's art and craftsmanship.


Baba alighted from the car and was preceded by priests chanting hymns from the ancient scriptures, followed by a band of temple musicians with pipe, drum and cymbal, and groups of peasants singing in chorus the glory of God. He walked about two furlongs towards the Sri Ranganatha Temple, where the form of God installed shows the Deity reclining in ease and directing unconcerned the Cosmic Play of Emergence, Sustenance and Mergence!



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