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Guha and his boatman is rowing Râma, 
Sita and Lakshmana across the Ganga

RRV - Ch. 14 





Valmiki and disciples

RRV - Ch. 15 





Bharatha pleads before Râma and Sîtâ

RRV - Ch. 17b




Râma fights with demon Thataki

Mughal 1598-1599, Ramayana 
RRV - Ch. 6b




Râma aims at the golden deer

Mughal 1598-1599, Ramayana 
RRV - the inner meaning & RRV - the wily villain]




Râvana with his demon messengers

Kangra, c. 1800, 41 x 28.2 cm




Lakshmana wounded and lying unconscious
while Hanuman
goes off to bring the magic herb
RRV - Ch8a - the Siege

Mandi, Ramayana series, c. 1830, 32.2 x 22 cm






Râma showers His allies with gifts
approved by Vishnu, Brahmâ, 
S'iva and Vayu

Mughal 1598-1599, Ramayana



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