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Krishna, the butter thief.

'Once He untimely released the calves 
and smiled upon the anger aroused;
some or another way He stole and ate from the pots 
the palatable curd, milk and butter 
and gave the monkeys each a share to eat;
if they don't want to eat He breaks the pot and
when He can't find any He gets angry at the people
of the house and goes pinching the babies'.
[SB, C10 : 8]

Pre-Mughal, Bhagavatha Purana Ms., 1550;
23.5 18 cm.




Krishna and Radha seated in the grove.

Pre-Mughal, Geeta Govinda Ms., c. 1570
25 x 19,8 cm




Krishna pines for Radha 
in the grove while 
the confidante persuades the latter 
for reconciliation.

Pre-Mughal, Geeta Govinda Ms., c. 1570
24.5 x 18 cm



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