Between You and Me

I should apologize for allowing ten eventful years to pass by since placing Part III of  'Sathyam Sivam Sundaram' in your hands before doing the same with Part IV, although Bhagavan has been keeping me alive and attentive beyond my expectations. But since I have never felt that I am the writer, I plead 'not guilty' and desist.

It has become well-nigh impossible to keep pace with the ever-expanding manifoldness of the manifestation of Divinity that is Sai. That almighty Love overwhelms us into blissful silence; the all-encompassing Power makes us aware of our inadequacies. Nevertheless, the Divinity in us draws us to Him, even while He seeks us, the straying as well as the steady one, to keep us in His cosy custody.



Lord Krishna describes to Arjuna those who had received the impact of His grace, thus: "My sweetness has soaked into every level of their consciousness. They live in Me, by Me, for Me. They take delight in narrating stories centred around My sport and My compassion. They share with others the love, the wisdom and the power I impart, and all reap immense gain thereby." [*]

I invite you to participate in this holy sharing. Travel from page to page as a pilgrim, with humility, faith and hope, tarrying at every turn to fill your hearts with visions of the many-turreted Citadel of God and of God Himself. With each vision of His glory, we shall gain nearness and dearness to Him, who has come to accept us as His own nearest and dearest.

N. Kasturi 

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[*] Bhagavad Gîtâ, Chapter 10: (8) I am the source of all, from Me everything emanates, thus knowing the intelligent ones with love in their hearts become devoted to Me. (9) With the full of their minds and lives set on Me, they enlighten one another talking about Me constantly and derive contentment and delight therefrom. (10) To those who are always engaged in the loving ecstasy of devotional service I give that oneness of intelligence by which they come to Me. (11) For them surely, to show special mercy, I, situated in their hearts, dispel the darkness born from ignorance with the shining light of knowledge.


Written by N. Kasturi M.A., B.L.