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He is the sub-stratum, the substance; the separate and the sum, the Sath; the SATHYAM

He is the awareness, the activity, the consciousness, feeling, the willing and the doing, the chith; the SIVAM

He is the light, the splendour, the harmony, the melody, the Ananda; the SUNDARAM

"He who understands the significance of My Divine Birth and My Divinity will overcome the cycle of Births and Deaths, and attain Me" -- Gîtâ iv-9 --




Congratulations, dear reader! I am glad you have taken this book in your hand and decided to delve into its pages. In the first volume of this book, "Sathyam Sivam Sundaram", I communicated the story of the Advent of the Divine, as Baba, in human form; of the early years of superhuman intelligence; of the epoch-making announcement of the fact of Incarnation; of the marvelous works and signs by which He gives understanding to those whose hearts beat slow; and of the richness of His mercy, the universality of His comprehension, the might and munificence of His compassion.

I am now seventy six years old. He has let me live the last twenty-five years with Him, in Him, through Him, by Him, for Him. This i is but a reflection of the I which is He. I am full of thanks that He has preserved me and that He has permitted and prompted me to declare again, His doings among the peoples.

I am but an amateur sherpa, trudging along the panoramic path to the highest Himalayan peak, thrilled to sublime silence by the glory and grandeur that grow with every onward step, gasping to tell others, in the anaemic prattle of the plains, the upsurge of empyrean joy. There are thousands, millions, on the mountain tracks, drawn by the strange fascination of the Supreme Power, the Sempiternal Wisdom and the Sovereign Love of the Gaurishankar that Baba is. Many of them have, I know, firmer grasp, finer perception and maturer wisdom. They are more acclimatized to altitudes, and better trained to overcome the hazards of the heights. I do hope you will soon be able to delve in the pages of a book that emerges through such a pilgrim.

Meanwhile, come! Give me your hand; we shall go along, page after page, sharing the wonder and the wisdom, the awe and the mystery, the truth and the testimony, the glory and the grandeur, and the abundance of the peace.

Prasanthi Nilayam
Dasara, 1973

N. Kasturi


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  janma karma ca me divyam
evam yo vetti tattvatah
tyaktvâ deham punar janma
naiti mâm eti so 'rjuna

janma -- birth; karma -- work; ca -- also; me -- of Mine; divyam -- transcendental; evam -- like this; yah -- anyone who; vetti -- knows; tattvatah -- in reality; tyaktva -- leaving aside; deham -- this body; punah -- again; janma -- birth; na -- never; eti -- does attain; mam -- unto Me; eti -- does attain; sah -- he; arjuna -- O Arjuna.

Anyone who knows as such of my Divine birth(s) and activities will never, after leaving his body, take birth again, but will attain Me, O Arjuna. [BG:4-9]



Written by N. Kasturi M.A., B.L.