Sathya Sai Baba says: 'I am Krishna'
Krishna says in His GÓt‚: *

B.G. 7:8 / 'I am the taste of water, o son of KuntÓ,
the light I am of the moon and the sun,
the pranava [A.U.M.] in all the Vedas,
the sound in the sky and manhood in man'.
B.G. 11:32 / 'Time I am, the great destroyer of the worlds engaged here in destroying all people, except for you [brothers] only,
will all the soldiers who are situated on both sides, find their end' .

'R‚ma, Krishna and Sai Baba appear different because of the dress each has donned,
but it is the selfsame Entity, believe Me.'

Calculate your solar time

Tempometer Form:
Calculation help for setting a clock to the sun

Proceed as follows:

First look up your longitude.

Puttaparthy, IN: 14n15, 77e45, India
Bangalore, IN: 12n59, 77e35, India
Delhi, IN: 28n40, 77e13, India
Calcutta, IN: 22n32, 88e22, India
Madras, IN:13n05, 80e17, India
Enschede, NETH: 52n13, 6e89, Netherlands
New York, US: 40n43, 74w03, New York (US)
Los Angeles, CA US: 34n03, 118w15, California (US)
Amsterdam, NETH: 52n22, 4e89, Netherlands
Bruxelles, Be: 52n05, 4e20, Belgium
Paris, F: 48n52, 2e34, France
Tokyo, JP: 35n42, 139e76, Japan
For Bangalore for example, must below next be entered
at longitude degree 77 and with the minutes 35 !
Bangalore (IN) is east (e) of Greenwich.

(in case a wrong date/time is indicated,
which rarely may happen for a disturbance,
then please recalculate or reload the page)

|| De Tempometer in het Nederlands ||

at longitude degree 74 and with the minutes 03 !
New York (US) is west (w) of Greenwich.

(Attention: use installs a cookie keeping your setting for 14 days)

The time indicated is the predicted position of the sun
to which twelve o'clock noon time means that the sun is passing the meridian or in its zenith.
This was calculated according to the equation of time,
which is the numerical result of the displacement of the axis of the earth.
Please tell us whether there is  a deviation noticable on your sundial. 

Having a standard-time clock at home or a wristwatch
thus set to the sun requires,
if you want to keep it within a margin of a couple of minutes,
that you correct the time about
once a week according this tempometer.
Not doing this can the difference quickly amount
to half an hour (from Nov. 5 to Febr. 5 e.g.).

Correcting for the sake of nature
can best be done with natural regularity:
on Cakra-sundays e.g., see below:

[see full calendar of order]

To check this by hand you need to consult
the pages about
the equation of time
and the
For calculating solar time for another date and/or time,
go to the
java-implementation for it.



*: GMT: Greenwich Mean Time - the time standard for the entire world.
It is mean local time to the longitude of zero irrespective summertime. 
It is also called UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) or worldtime.
The time on your clock differs from this one
depending your time zone and summertime.

Also take notice of:

- The Full Calendar of Order (FCO): the table for the equation of time to incorporate this all in your agenda.
- The pages about the
Order of the Sun, the Moon and the Galaxy to understand the source of the time divisions used.
- Freeware webmaster's download to install the tempometer for your own site:
A more sophisticated
design of the tempometer.
- Design for a
software-version to change the system clock of your computer.
- Wikipedia on Solar time
This program was written by Dr. Peter K.H. Gragert.
Since October 19, 2020 the tempometer works in full again after a necessary software update by Raghu. In November 2022 another update of the software was accomplished by Raghu Hanumanthaiah.

Some of the Time quotes in
S'rÓmad Bh‚gavatam and Bhagavad GÓt‚:

S.B. 1.8: 28 /  I consider You the personification of Eternal Time, the Lord without a beginning or an end, the All-pervasive One who distributes His mercy everywhere, equally, among the beings who live in mutual dissent.

S.B. 1.13: 49 / He, the Father of all creation, the Supreme Lord, has now, oh great King, descended in this world in the form of [death, the all-devouring] Time, in order to eliminate everyone inimical to the enlightened souls.

S.B. 2.1: 24 / His personal body is this gross material world in which we experience all that belongs to the past, the present and the future of this universe in existence.

S.B. 2.1: 33-34 / His veins are the rivers and the plants and trees are the hairs on the body of the Universal Form, oh King. The air is His omnipotent breathing, the passing of the ages, Time, is His movement and the constant operation of the modes of material nature is His activity.

Let me tell you that the hairs on the head of the Supreme One are the clouds, oh best of the Kurus, and that the intelligence of the Almighty One is the prime cause of the material creation, so one says. His mind, the reservoir of all changes, is known as the moon.

S.B. 2.5:11 / All of the world that I created was created from the effulgence [the brahmajyoti] of His existence, just like it is with the fire, the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars [that radiate from His effulgence].

S.B. 2.5: 21-22 / The Lord of Control by the potency of His material energy thus, from the independent will of His divine self, arrived at many appearances, taking upon Himself their karma, [being subjected to] time and their particular natures. (22) Because of the superintendence of the Original Person the creation of the mahat-tattva [the 'greater reality'] took place, from eternal time there was the transformation of the modes and from the modification of the original nature the different activities found their existence.

S.B. 3.4: 16 /  Even though You have no desires You engage in all kinds of activities, even though You are unborn You still take birth, being the controller of eternal Time You nevertheless take shelter of the fortress out of fear for Your enemies and despite enjoying within Yourself, You lead a household life in the association of women; this bewilders the intelligence of the scholars in this world.

S.B. 3.5: 33-36 /  (33) Material energy is a partial [local] mixture of time [the time of expanding and contracting]. The Supreme Lord glancing this over from the ether, thus being contacted, created the transformation of that touch in the form of air [gasses].

(34) The air, also transformed by the extremely powerful ether, gave [in contraction] rise to the form of the light [of the fire of the sun and the stars] and [the bio-electricity] of sense perception by which the world is perceived.

(35) With the interaction of air and light [fire] there was, with the glance of the Lord [of the ether] mixing time with the external energy, a transformation that created water in combination with its taste.

(36) With the partly [local] uniting of the material energy with eternal time, the by the light produced water, that was thus created as a consequence of the transformation of the Supreme Spirit [of God] glancing over the earth, led to the creation of the quality of smell.

S.B. 3.6: 15 / Eyes appeared in the gigantic body that offered a position to Tvashth‚, the director of light and the power of sight by which forms can be seen.

S.B. 3.6: 24 / Next the heart of the Universal Being manifested in which Candra, the god of the moon took his position with the function of mental activity because of which one is lost in thoughts.

S.B.  3.11: 11-15 / The aggregate of such a 'day' and 'night' is called an ancestral [traditional or solar] month with two of them forming a season. There are six of them [respectively 'cold' or hemanta, 'dew' or s'is'ira, 'spring' or vasanta, 'warm' or grÓshma, 'rainy' or varsh‚s and 'autumn' or s'arad, counting from December 22] corresponding to the movement of the sun going through the southern and northern sky.

(12) This movement of the sun is said to form one day of the demigods and is called a vatsara [a tropical year] of twelve months. The duration of life of the human being is estimated to be of a great number [a hundred] of those years [see also the 'full calendar of order'].

(13) The infinitesimal particles and their combinations, the planets, the heavenly bodies [like the moon] and the stars, all rotate in the universe, to complete their orbit in a year of the Almighty [cyclic order, the command] of eternal  time.

(14) We speak about an orbit of the sun, about an orbit of the other planets, the orbit of the stars [in our galaxy around Sagittarius A in the sky], the orbit of the moon, oh Vidura, and the orbit of the earth as being a single [but differently named] year [respectively a celestial year, a planetary year, a galactic year, a lunation and a tropical year].

(15) With attention for all His five different types of years, one should be of respect for the One [Lord of Time] who, differing from all that was created, moves under the name of Eternal Time and who with His energy in different ways invigorates the seeds of creation while during the day dissipating the darkness of the living entities. By thus performing sacrifices one develops quality in one's material existence.'

S.B. 3.11:39 / This eternal time, beginning from the atom up to the final duration of two par‚rdhas, is never capable of controlling the Supreme Lord, it is the controller of those souls who are identified with their body.

S.B. 3.12: 39 / The Itih‚sas  - the separate histories - and the collections of classical stories, the Pur‚nas, who together are known as the fifth Veda, manifested from all the mouths of him looking in every direction.

 S.B. 3.15: 3 / The demigods said: 'You, oh mighty one, must be knowing about this darkness we are so very afraid of. Your supreme divinity is not affected by time and thus nothing is hidden for you. 

 S.B. 3.21: 16 / Oh original father of all, the conditioned souls in the grip of desire are all bound by the rope of the words of You, the Lord of the living beings. I, following their example, also offer my oblations to You, oh light of eternal time.

S.B. 3.21: 18 / The wheel of the universe that with a tremendous speed spins around the axle of Your imperishable [nature, Brahman] with three naves [of the sun, moon and stars], the [twelve to] thirteen spokes [of the lunar months], the three hundred and sixty joints [of the days in a demigod year], the  six rims [of the seasons], and innumerable leaves [that are the moments], may be cutting short the life-span of the universe but not the lives of the devotees.  (updates October 19, 2020)

B.G. 4: 2 / Thus one following the other, the saintly kings received this science understanding it that way but in the course of time in this world this great way of connecting oneself was scattered, o subduer of the enemies.

B.G. 4: 7 / Whenever and wherever it is sure that one weakens in righteousness and a predominance of injustice does manifest, o descendant of Bharata, at that time I do manifest Myself.

B.G. 8: 7 / Therefore go on remembering Me at all times and fighting with your mind and intelligence surrendered to Me, certainly you will attain Me without doubt.

B.G. 10: 30 / Of the Daitya's [non-theist sons of Diti who churned the ocean] I am Prahl‚da, of what rules I am the Time, of the animals the lion and of the birds I am Garuda [Vainateya].

B.G. 10: 33 / Of the letters I am the first one [the A], of the compound words I am the dual one and certainly am I the eternal of Time and the Creator facing all directions [Brahm‚].

B.G. 11: 7 / See here and now the universe completely, all at the same time, with all that moves and not moves, in this body of Mine, o conqueror of sleep, and also whatever else you wish to see.

B.G. 11: 32 / Time I am, the great destroyer of the worlds engaged here in destroying all people, except for you [brothers] only, will all the soldiers who are situated on both sides, find their end.

B.G. 13: 31 / When one following that tries to see that the diversity of the living beings is resting in oneness and that it expanded to that reality, at that time one attains the Absolute of the Spirit.

B.G. 14: 11 / When to all the gates of the body the enlightenment of knowledge develops, at that time one says is the mode of goodness prevailing.

B.G. 17: 20 / Donations given dutifully, irrespective the return, at the proper time and place and to suitable persons - that giving is considered to be of goodness.

B.G. 17: 22 / That charity which is given at the wrong place, the wrong time and to unworthy persons and as well is given without respect and proper attention - that is said to be in the mode of ignorance.

B.G. 18: 61 / The Supreme Master resides in the heart of all living entities, o Arjuna, directing each creature subject to the mechanical of time and matter.



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This program was written by Dr. Peter P.K.H. Gragert /  Gragert.