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Part II - With Wounded Wings

Baba is unfathomable, unknowable. One cannot comprehend with the human mind, what He is. One can only trust, believe, and obey. As I stood before Him, immersed in wonder, He said, "Every one sees the world through glasses and their world is that which they see through them, worry glasses, hate glasses, glasses of envy, jealousy, greed. I wear only Love Glasses.


Part II - Incredible! - Still

The Shirdi Baba Statue at Sundaram (Shirdi Sai temple)  in Madras


In 1940, when Baba announced Himself as having come again to resume His work and foster His Bhakthas, Peddavenkappa Raju asked his son who was making the announcement, "Show us a sign and convince us that you are the same Baba." And, Baba asked that 'flowers' be placed in His hands! He threw the flowers on the floor - and, the two words SAI and BABA were formed by those flowers, moving by themselves into those shapes [See: 'Serpent Hill' for this story]

Peddavenkappa Raju, Baba's father


"I have got My work; My Bhakthas are waiting for Me".


"I and the circumambient universe are one"


"Your joy is the food I subsist on", says Sathya Sai Baba"


... with His Abhay Hasta, meaning: fear not! raised ...


'Nature is God'


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