All the Photo's of Bhagavân Srî Sathya Sai Baba


Part I - Sai Baba Again

'He enjoys the company of children'


'His Loving eyes'


Part I - Prasanthi Nilayam

Krishna and Sathya Sai Baba


Lingam materialized at Shivarathri


Jack and Jill, two Pomeranians from Cotacamund, 
were the first of the canine pets. 
Baba says they used to fast every Thursday 
as if by some holy compulsion! 
And they could never be induced to consume flesh! 
Jack used to sleep at the head of Baba's bed and Jill at the foot....
Chitty and Bitty, Lilly and Billy were other Pomeranians that followed. 
Then there were the Cocker Spaniels, Minnie and Mickie, 
as well as Honey and Goldie. 
Baba had these for some years and later gave them to devotees.


Part I - From Cape to Kilanmarg

"My best gift is Love"


Part I - The Wave of the Hand

"getting things from "nowhere"...


"Holding beholding Vibhuthi Wonder"
(Kasturi holding the pot)


"He never uses anything He materializes out of 
His own Hand
for His own benefit"


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