All the Photo's of Bhagavân Srî Sathya Sai Baba


Part II - "Signs and Wonders"

The Super Specialty Hospital 

"When some one died in one of the cottages around Prasanthi Nilayam, and the kinsmen prayed that Baba might revive him, Baba said, "Do you mean to say that this area alone is mine? What of the thousands who have died this moment allover the world? They are also as much mine as this person. Again, tell me how this man is indispensable for the world's progress? He has finished his career; he was born to work out his destiny, not to provide temporary trivial joy to a few." 


The Sai Super Specialty Hospital 


 At the entrance of the hospital


One of the wings of the hospital, seen from the terrace


The terrace seen from another angle


 An overview of part of the hospital


Part II - Facets of Truth

The Sarva Dharma Symbol designed by Baba 

On the disks, He Himself drew the symbols of the major religions of mankind: The pranava or om to indicate the Hindu faith; the wheel to symbolize the religion taught by the Buddha; A sheaf of flames, the sacred fire, which the Zoroastrians worship; the crescent and the star, as a reminder of Islam, and the cross as the symbol of Christianity! He said, "All faiths are facets of the same truth, which can be spelt as love or as purity or as charity or as sacrifice or as surrender of the will. Even those who deny God or decry morality, love some one or some thing; they speak the truth so that they may be believed; they have to be pure so that they may satisfy their consciences and the conventions of society. They seek peace and joy. That truth, that love, that peace, that joy is God" Baba says.


'Baba's House in Prasanthi Nilayam'


 ... for He is friend and father, teacher and mother, guardian and God for the households that seek Him...  


 The President, All-India Prasanthi Vidwanmahasabha,
Dr. B. Ramakrishna Rao addressing a Session.


Baba waved His Hand and, a 'silver' plate, with the mystic symbols of the presiding deities of the nine planets of Vedic science emanated from it, in full view of all. Baba directed that it be placed underneath the first stone, and Himself laid the mortar with a trowel; then, He hoisted the Prasanthi flag and unveiled the copper plaque, announcing the Inauguration of "Dharmakshethra". 


"This is not My Birthday; I have no birth or birthday; I am ageless, eternal. You must celebrate your birthday, when you are born into knowledge, not into bondage. Adore Me, on the day that you are I, on the day when you derive unbounded bliss there from, on the day when you can be full of joy that you are born"! 


Part II - The Call - The Response

"The world is My mansion; even those who deny Me are Mine; call Me by any Name, I shall respond; picture Me in any Form, I shall present Myself before you. I am in the least of you, as much as in the best; do not slander or injure anyone, for, you are slandering and injuring Me who is in him."



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