Glossary: here the words are collected that in the Vahinis at this site are explained by Sai Baba, complemented with glossaries from Bhagavad Gîtâ and S'rîmad Bhâgavatam



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  • False Ego (or ahankâra): the mistaken notion that one is the absolute master, the supreme owner and rightful enjoyer of all worldly pleasures, as a consequence of which the soul identifies with the material body.
    - The 'knot' binding together soul and body, and everything connected thereto (appearance, nationality, race, family, religious denomination, joy and grief etc.).
    - Identifying with the body, holding the body for the true self.
    - A symptom of bewilderment.
    - A source of being bound to matter.
    - Seat of fear and neurosis, viz. to have an ineffective spirit (see further ahankâra).
  • Faults, six: The six faults are overeating, attachment to material things, inability to follow regulative principles, sense gratification, useless idle talk, and impure habits. [see also: six passions]