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Krishna and Radha 
in autumnal moonlight

By Sajnu, c. 1815, 26.6 x 22.2 cm





Krishna and Radha 
exchange glances

By Sahibdin. Mevar, 
Rasikapriya series, 
c. 1640,
27.2 x 20.8 cm





Radha and Krishna 
exchanging the betel leaf 

Surrounded by the adoring 
gopis (milkmaids) 
and devotees, the divine lovers sit on a 
golden throne set against a lake.
Kishangarh, c. 1760, 42 x 25 cm





Radha and Krishna 
the Boat of Love 

Kishangarh, c. 1750, 43 x 33.5 cm





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