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Krishna welcomed by 
the Queens of Dvârakâ.

Modern painting in Kangra-style





 Râdhâ, Krishna and 
the Gopî's around the 
Govardhana hill

(Kangra-painting 19th century)





Krishna receives gifts, 
along the Yamunâ, 
of the inhabitants of Vrndâvana 






Krishna and Balarâma 
coming back from the pastures 
welcomed by their mothers, 
Yas'odâ and Rohinî

(Painting in Rajasthanic-Bundi-style, 
end 18th century)




Krishna among helpful gopîs in Vrindâvana
(Kangra-style, 19th century)





The Divini couple under a 
wishfulfilling tree

(Modern Kangra-style on ivory)




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